"thrilla with vanilla"

(Vanilla milkshakes)

t h e s t r e e t | 7.5

Cookie monster “cookies & cream” milkshake with edible cookie dough topping

h a z e l e y e s | 8.5

french vanilla cream shake w/ a nuttella cream waffle 

t h e d e n t i s t | 9.5

cotton candy milkshake with sprinkles, ring pop, lollipop & a strawberry sauce drizzle

f a i r l o v e | 8.5

a strawberry, crispy waffle & maple syrup milkshake

m r . g r e y | 8.5

earl grey tea, lavender & honey blended shake with a side of hot earl grey tea

l a b e l l a d o n n a | 8.5

tiramisu & espresso milkshake

b a n g k o k b e t t y | 7.5

thai mango & roasted coconut cream

make any shake boozy (21 & over) +$3

Vegan ice cream substitute available by request +$2

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